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dunlop vs talalay latex

Dunlop vs Talalay

Which Mattress Material Is Best: Dunlop or Talalay Latex?

  • Dunlop vs. Talalay Latex Mattresses: What’s the Difference?

There are two methods: the original Dunlop method, the older, traditional method, which is mainly used for the manufacture of natural latex and the newer Talalay method, which is mainly used for the manufacture of artificial latex. In order to make things even more complicated, I will say that there is a natural latex made by the Talalay method, but natural latex made by the Dunlop method is considered to be of higher quality.

I don’t have a goal to put you to sleep, so I’ll give here a very short description of how latex is made – understanding this will make you a more informed buyer and allow you to pay attention to what to look for when choosing a latex mattress.

Talalay Latex vs Dunlop Latex

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Talalay Latex vs Dunlop Latex

Relying solely on comfort, among a large selection of natural mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses, we choose natural latex. Honestly, if you try to learn more about natural and artificial latex, you will understand that there are a lot of subtleties. We mentioned above only the main differences in natural and artificial latex. Now we will tell you in detail how latex is actually made.

How is a Latex Mattress Made?

Natural latex is collected in liquid form by hand, then poured into large vats, where it is carefully filtered in order to remove solid particles. Then it is poured into large containers where it is emulsified with water and air bubbles. Then it is slowly heated and vulcanized. Vulcanization is a process where liquid latex rubber goes into an elastic and thick state.

As we mentioned above, there are two methods of vulcanization, which are used for the manufacture of durable latex. The older and more time-tested and consumer-driven technology is the Dunlop method, which results in a denser and slightly more elastic natural latex. The newer technology, called the Talalay method, is essentially the same original Talalay method, except that it involves rapid cooling (which leaves significantly fewer air bubbles in the mold) before the latex heats up quickly to thick states. As a result, a softer, less resilient latex is obtained.

In conclusion, we would like to mention that natural latex product made according to the Dunlop method is more resilient and better able to change shape than the latex product made in accordance with the Talay method. Since Dunlop latex is less expensive than Talalay latex, its cost is lower. For these reasons, we prefer natural Dunlop latex.

Details are provided in the following table.

Main CharacteristicsDunlopTalalay
ComfortDense and rigid structure on the one hand, elastic and soft-one the other hand.Elastic and airy structure. Creates a stable feeling of comfort.
Orthopedic EffectLess elastic, but perfectly repeats the contours of the body, the orthopedic effect is pronounced.Reduces load on body areas unto 33%, possesses the necessary orthopedic effect.
BreathabilityFilm is formed on the surface during the manufacturing process. It partially reduces the air permeability of the mattress.The structure has hollow tubes that provide constant ventilation, allowing air flow through the mattress.
SafetyThese properties of Dunlop and Talalay are identical.Due to the absence of harmful chemical components, the material is hypoallergenic, does not allow dust mite to multiply, has antimicrobial properties. Great for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
DensityIt is less homogeneous: due to the fact that in the process of production the particles of the material fall down, it turns out to be dense on the one hand and soft – on the other. But this fact can hardly be attributed to shortcomings, rather, vice versa.It has uniform structure that makes the material softer, but more dense over the entire surface.
DurabilityHigh-quality material for mattress filler, shelf life of more than 20 years.The hardest material for making mattresses. It is famous for its durability. Able to serve more than 30 years.
Method of ObtainingThe juice of the rubber tree is poured into the centrifuge, unwound and foams. Then the mass is poured into molds, sealed and subjected to heat. The particles of the mixture settle to the bottom of the container. The lower part is more dense as a result.Two stages are added to the above: after the mixture is poured into molds, the mixture is rapidly cooled with chemical reagents, and then subjected to heat treatment.
Manufacturing ProcessThe production process has existed since 1929, it is cheaper due to the absence of two stages of the technological process inherent in Talalay, which reduces the final cost of products.The most modern method of producing latex, has two additional cycles. The material passes through the processes of forming and freezing to become extremely dense and as soft as possible.
UseThe main “body” of the mattressFor the top layer of the mattress
Dunlop Method vs Talalay Method

Natural Latex vs. Synthetic

But we would like to warn you that not all mattresses that are called “latex mattresses” are the same. How can this happen?

This is a long story, the essence of which is that during World War II, artificial latex was created (to compensate for the lack of natural latex needed for military purposes). And since then, all such mattresses are considered latex, regardless of whether they are made from natural latex (made from the sap of a rubber tree) or, which is more often found, from a mixture of artificial and natural latex (which is used in the mattress industry ).

Why do you need to know all this?

If you need a latex mattress because it is environmentally friendly and made of natural materials, it is better to make sure that the latex in your mattress is natural, from the plantation (the juice of a rubber tree) and not artificial. Further, although natural and artificial latex may look the same under a microscope, they feel slightly different in sensations in everyday use. In addition, some claim that natural and artificial latex have different durability (although, to be honest, I have heard from suppliers of both natural and artificial latex, that their product is more durable and, without having a degree in chemistry, I cannot say which side gives more convincing arguments).

Best Latex Mattresses

Choose a Good Latex Mattress

Twin Mattresses

Dimensions: 38 x 75 x 11

SLEEPEZ$525Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$649Talalay Latex
LATEXFORLESS$699Dunlop Latex
PLUSHBEDS$699Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$1204Talalay Latex

Twin XL Mattresses

Dimensions: 38 x 80 x 11

SLEEPEZ$550Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$699Talalay Latex
LATEXFORLESS$749Dunlop Latex
PLUSHBEDS$799Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$1234Talalay Latex

Full Mattresses

Dimensions: 54 x 75 x 11

SLEEPEZ$625Dunlop Latex
LATEXFORLESS$849Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$899Talalay Latex
PLUSHBEDS$1099Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$1674Talalay Latex


Queen Mattresses

Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 11

SLEEPEZ$525Dunlop Latex
LATEXFORLESS$899Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$999Talalay Latex
PLUSHBEDS$1199Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$1874Talalay Latex


King Mattresses

Dimensions: 76 x 80 x 11

SLEEPEZ$960Dunlop Latex
LATEXFORLESS$1099Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$1199Talalay Latex
PLUSHBEDS$1399Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$2174Talalay Latex


Cal King Mattresses

Dimensions: 72 x 84 x 11

SLEEPEZ$960Dunlop Latex
LATEXFORLESS$1099Dunlop Latex
ECOTERRA$1199Talalay Latex
PLUSHBEDS$1399Dunlop Latex
IDLESLEEP$2174Talalay Latex


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